Bench tops

Riali tiles and stone has built a solid reputation for quality, sustainability and value. Today Riali tiles and stone is one of the leading supplier and installer of natural stone, granite, marble and engineered quartz surfaces in the Victoria.

Riali tiles and stone with architects, interior designers and retail kitchen designers to give them the best advise on kitchen benchtops. It is the choice of the many discerning individuals seeking the best in quality and style. Riali tiles and stone has also been used in numerous projects by many of Australia’s leading builders and developers.

We only select surfaces from manufacturers who are able to offer the levels of workmanship, technology and environmental care we absolutely insist on in our product. As a result, every job we do meets our rigorous standards so they may exceed yours.

Riali tiles and stone also owns High Edge Group Pty Ltd a privately owned Australian company that supplies and installs tiles and kitchen benchtops, a diverse product range throughout Australia.

When it comes to choosing interior surfaces there really is no smarter choice than Riali tiles and stone. As we will supply and install best quality natural stone, granite, marble or reconstituted quartz stone. We cut your selected stone precisely to suite your kitchen benchtop and vanities.

Our quartz surfaces are manufactured with a minimum of 93% quartz, combined with pigments and resins which make the surface highly durable. Riali tiles and stone quartz surfaces can be used in virtually any residential or commercial indoor surfacing application, and is the ideal choice for kitchen bench tops and splashbacks, bathroom vanities, bath surrounds and wall panelling due to their non-porous quality.

Our high quality quartz surfaces offer superior properties of strength and durability including:

Porosity Low
Hardness High
Stain resistant High
Scratch resistant High
Chemical resistant High
Sealing Not required
Water Absorbtion 0.01%
Porosity 0.01%
Mohs Hardness Min. 6
Test Sample 1 7
Test Sample 2 7
Test Sample 3 6
Household Chemicals
Ammonium Chloride (100g/l) No Visible Effect
Swimming Pool Salts
Sodium hypochlorite (20mg/l) No Visible Effect
Acids & Alkalines
Hydrolic Acid (3%) No Visible Effect
Lactic Acid No Visible Effect
Potassium hydoxide
(30g/l &100g/l)
No Visible Effect
Stain Resistance (24hr contact)
Coca Cola Removed w. Damp Cloth (no visible change)
Red Wine Removed w. Damp Cloth (no visible change)
Black Coffee Removed w. Damp Cloth (no visible change)
Orange Juice Removed w. Damp Cloth (no visible change)
4 more smart reasons to choose Riali tiles and stone
  1. Riali tiles and stone offers the workmanship and quality.
  2. Our large collection of 26 colours come in 1 of 2 larger, more versatile slab size which can be more economical and offer greater design possibilities.
  3. Riali tiles and stone presents four competitive price categories, making luxurious and prestigious stone affordable.
  4. Riali tiles and stone gives you the beauty of natural stone but with a harder, more durable surface. It also comes with a 15 year limited warranty.

Pricing & Quality

To assist you making your choice, Riali tiles and stone surfaces fall into one of four price categories. It’s important to note that all Riali tiles and stone products are of equal quality; the four pricing points reflect the complexity of the pattern, raw materials used and how advanced the manufacturing process is for that particular surface. The price range does not in any way reflect the quality of the surface.

Please provide us with your kitchen plan and we will give you a free quote.

Disclaimer: Riali tiles and stone is a natural product and therefore some variations in colour and pattern may occur. Small inclusions in the product such as small particles and blotches are within acceptable standards. The brochure should be used as a guide and final selection made from actual samples.